Ponca Machine Company was established in 1990 by Maurice Taglialatela and Greg Lyons.

Maurice Taglialatela

Maurice Taglialatela is President of Ponca Machine Company.  Maurice grew up in the Machine Shop Business, working for his father who was founder of Ponca Tool Company.  Maurice has over 40 years experience in the machineshop and metal fabricating business.  Maurice is married to Margie Taglialatela.

Janetta Bales
Accounts Receivable

Jannetta Bales has been with Ponca Machine Company for 2 years.

Greg Lyons

Greg Lyons is Vice President and Co-Founder of Ponca Machine Company.  Greg is a Ponca City, Oklahoma native and brings over 30 years experience in the company.  Greg has a wealth of knowlege and experience in pump repair.  Greg is married to Sandra Lyons and has three children.   


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